Upsee is actively participating in the struggle of providing the best working conditions to all its members in Rodrigues Island.

Rodrigues has and will always to very close to UPSEE.
IT has now become a must for our team to visit Rodrigues Island at least once or twice every year.We are always very attentive to the grievances and suggestions of our Rodriguan membres.

It is not a news to say that apart from attending Industrial cases for members in Rodrigues,UPSEE has also been organising meetings and inteructive warming sessions.Our visit has not only benefited the UPSEE members of Rodrigues,but we have even entered our guidance partners Secondary Education in the Island.

UPSEE makes it duty to carry out working Sessions with the chief commissioner,members of regional assembly, managers of collegues,representatives of REDCO as well as teaching and non teaching staff of different collegues in Rodrigues.

We are proud to have such delegates who have always shown a good sense of responsibility in Rodrigues by acting as a bridge between our office and our members on the Island. Our Interventions have always been judiuosly appreciated because of the adoption of a highly ethical approve.

IT has been a very fruitful visit as we have assured our members well-beings be it walkings conditions, proffesional development other difficulties as well.
The team under the leadership of the President has undertaken several such actions to help & improve the working conditions of our Rodriguan members .

With this website,UPSEE will be able to be way closer with our Rodriguan members . This new tool will help us UPSEE in sharing essential . Information such reports Employees Right Act PSSA Right Act, important agrements & protocols between Union government amoung other.
We assure our Rodriguan comades that UPSEE shall continue to militate for a better future & working condition for all of you and also give our support & guidance whenever in need.

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